4 Surefire Ways To Tell If Someone You Love Is Depressed

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Understanding Depression's Impact

Depression is a complex condition that affects millions globally. At Wellsource Group, we believe in approaching this challenge with knowledge, compassion, and innovative strategies. Recognizing the signs of depression in someone you love is the first step toward helping them.

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1. Changes in Behavior and Mood

One of the most noticeable clinical depression symptoms is a significant change in behavior and mood. This might manifest as a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, or an unusual level of irritability, sadness, or indifference. Understanding these changes as potential indicators of depression is crucial for early intervention.

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2. Alterations in Sleep and Appetite

Depression often affects basic bodily functions like sleep and appetite. This could range from insomnia to oversleeping, or from loss of appetite to overeating. Monitoring these changes can help in early depression diagnosis and timely intervention.

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3. Social Withdrawal

Individuals dealing with depression might withdraw from social interactions, even with close family and friends. Recognizing this withdrawal is important. It's not a personal rejection, but a symptom of their struggle.


4. Expressions of Hopelessness or Worthlessness

Expressions of hopelessness, excessive guilt, or feelings of worthlessness are significant indicators. These thoughts can be overwhelming and are often a central aspect of depression. Listening to and acknowledging these feelings can be a vital part of support.

Empowering Through Knowledge and Care

At Wellsource Group, we advocate for a comprehensive approach to depression help. This includes medication management under the care of a psychiatric provider and a supportive environment. Understanding these signs and taking action can make a profound difference in the lives of those dealing with depression. Remember, early recognition and compassionate support are key to helping your loved ones navigate through their journey with depression.

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