Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is a dangerous disease that destroys careers, relationships and lives every day. The cure for addiction lies only in the person who is suffering with the disease, as recovery requires a committed effort to resist self-abusive behaviors and substances. Anyone suffering with an addiction of any type needs the assistance of a qualified addiction and recovery therapist who will help plot a course to recovery.

Although addictions can involve any substance or behavior, some of the most common include:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Exercise addiction

When an addict resolves to change, he or she needs the support of friends and family, as well as addiction counselors who can advocate for positive change. Beating addiction can seem like a daunting task when seen from the perspective of a current addict. But with counseling, recovery is presented in small, achievable steps that make recovery more manageable and less overwhelming.

Addiction counseling also helps patients learn the source of their relationship to certain substances or behaviors, as well as their consequences. Counseling occurs primarily on an individual basis, although it is often important for family members, spouses and partners to reveal the second-hand effects addiction has had on them. Addicts learn how to respect themselves and others while implementing new recovery goals and objectives. Small successes achieved along the way are empowering and facilitate the continued path toward healing.

If you have any questions about addiction and recovery and you live in Kingwood or the surrounding area, give us a call today!

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