Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a part of life and in most cases is manageable without the need for third-party intervention. Most people have a natural response to conflict, although it is not always constructive or healthy. Learning to resolve conflict is an acquired skill that is most effective when viewed from the perspective of each disagreeing party. Conflict resolution therapy can help patients learn how to successfully solve present and future conflicts with assertiveness and confidence.

Conflict can arise from any source, and it is usually unexpected. Some of the most common sources of conflict are family members, friends and co-workers; although conflicts can also occur between individuals who do not have an existing relationship with each other. Usually, a difference of opinions is worsened by variances in personality and natural modes of resolving conflict. Rather than act out of self-gratification or an authoritarian style of handling conflict, counseling can teach patients to handle disputes and arguments in a calm and non-provoking way that fosters clear and direct communication, as well as respect for the disagreeing party.

In some cases, a conflict resolution therapist can serve as a mediator in the midst of a disagreement. Having a conflict resolution therapist present can ensure that all parties involved express themselves clearly and that boundaries are respected. The goal is to help participants achieve an equally appealing solution through collaborative problem-solving and communication.

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