Family Therapy

    The family unit is complex and often the source of much frustration and tension. Turmoil within the relationships of the family can cause stress on the entire family as a whole. With family counseling, conflicts are addressed openly and honestly in an effort to bring about a resolution and encourage healthy communication in the future.

Family therapy sessions usually require the involvement of each member of the family. Conflicts may be addressed on an individual basis, as well as with multiple family members present. During counseling, family members learn how their words and actions affect others within the family unit – including those not directly involved in conflict.

Because the family functions as a whole rather than multiple parts, any problem within the family is addressed from a wide perspective. For example, when a teenager is being dishonest or a parent is weighed down with anxiety, counseling seeks to determine how the dynamics of the family have contributed to those individual problems. Sometimes, families find that making small individual adjustments can have significantly positive long-term effects for the family as a whole and the members within it.

Some of the goals of family therapy are:

  • To identify unhealthy patterns of communication
  • To identify how each member relates to the family as a whole
  • To identify and maximize the health of relationships within the family
  • To identify sources of tension or frustration
  • To offer alternative behaviors that could improve the condition of the family
  • To restore stability to the family unit and the members within it
  • In some cases, specific members of a family unit may require more one-on-one counseling time in addition to family therapy sessions. This is often the case for family members who are having difficulty communicating or expressing emotions in a productive way, or for those who are withdrawing from the family or expressing violence within the home environment.

    Please give us a call if you live in Kingwood or the surrounding area and have any questions about family counseling.

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