Family Therapy

At Wellsource Group, we know that the family unit is complex and often the source of a lot of frustration and tension. Turmoil within familial relationships can cause stress for the entire family as a whole. We offer family counseling that helps you address conflicts in an open and honest way in order to bring about a resolution and encourage healthy communication in the future. Reach out to our Cypress or Kingwood location to find out if family therapy is right for you.


Address Conflicts in a Meaningful Way

It's a common idea that members of a family can't live together because they will fight all the time. The truth is, many families have to deal with conflict from time to time, but it doesn't have to ruin their relationships or take over their lives. In fact, healthy communication about these conflicts is essential for bringing about a positive change and developing stronger family bonds. That's where we can help.



The Goals of Family Therapy

Our family counselors at Wellsource Group recognize that every family is different and each has its own set of goals and expectations. Overall, however, the goals of family therapy include:

  • Identifying unhealthy patterns of communication

  • Identifying how each member relates to the family as a whole

  • Identifying and maximizing the health of relationships within the family

  • Identifying sources of tension or frustration

  • Offering alternative behaviors that could improve the condition of the family

  • Restoring stability to the family and its members



Working Together to Get the Support You Need

During family therapy, there are some cases that require various family members to work one-on-one with a therapist in addition to the family therapy sessions. This is a beneficial approach for family members who are having difficulty communicating or expressing emotions in a healthy and productive way, those who are withdrawing from the family, or those who have a need to express violence within the home environment.



What to Expect

We know that getting the whole family involved in therapy may be difficult, but the benefits are incredibly rewarding. Our therapists at Wellsource Group implement an effective approach to help each member of a family build upon their own strengths and develop new coping skills. This personalized treatment helps them understand why certain relationship patterns exist within the family unit, how these interpersonal dynamics affect them, and how they can begin to make small changes that will have a positive impact on their relationships.


Start Today

Reach out to our Cypress or Kingwood location today for individualized treatment plans and contact information for the therapist in your area. We offer family counseling sessions to help you identify your needs and develop a plan of action. Don't wait to take the first step and contact us now!


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