Play Therapy

Similar to how adults use one-on-one counseling to address their mental and emotional health concerns, play therapy allows a child to express their feelings and experiences using toys instead of words. Our therapists at Wellsource Group have the experience and knowledge necessary to work with children through play therapy and better understand their struggles and needs. Reach out to us today to learn more.


How Does Play Therapy Work?

Play therapy is an effective, highly involved form of treatment that allows children to approach their problems in a less stressful way. During these sessions, the child will be able to play with toys and other objects while communicating with our Houston child therapist. As they do this, the therapist may ask questions or give prompts to encourage them to express themselves. The idea is that the child will begin to feel more comfortable and be able to open up without feeling judged.



Why Is Play Therapy Effective?

Play therapy has been proven time and again for its effectiveness in helping children cope with trauma, anxiety, stress, anger issues, behavioral problems, etc. A large part of this is due to how children express themselves through play. Since they are using toys to explore their feelings, it is seen as less serious than speaking about them. As they express themselves through play, our therapists can help them understand what these feelings mean and identify coping mechanisms that will work for the child's specific situation.



Working Together to Get the Support You Need

Often parents notice positive changes in their children after just a few sessions because they are able to see the results of the work being done. Our child therapists at Wellsource Group will stay involved with your family throughout treatment to ensure that progress is being made over time.



Get Started Today

We know that dealing with a child's mental health issues can be scary and frustrating. That is why we believe in taking a comprehensive, integrative approach to treatment so that you have peace of mind knowing your child is getting the best help possible.


Our therapists at Wellsource Group in Kingwood are trained in a variety of techniques and want nothing more than to give your child the help they deserve. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your family.


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