How We Help

We realize no two people are the same and as such tailor our treatment to meet the specific needs of our patients. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or another issue, we will help you recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths, and adjust certain behaviors and thoughts to see things in a healthier way.

Using your smartphone, you can consult with a nurse, a physician, or a mental health professional to receive ongoing care when your primary care physician is unavailable, to get a prescription refilled, review test results or medical summaries, or to have a remote therapy or counseling appointment.

Assessment of mental function has several important goals: to learn the unique functional characteristics of each individual (sometimes called formulation) and to diagnose signs and symptoms that suggest the presence of a mental disorder. In addition to a thorough initial assessment, our clinicians conduct assessments to judge treatment progress.

Individual therapy is a form of therapy in which the client is treated one-on-one with a therapist. The most popular form of therapy, individual therapy may encompass many different treatment styles including psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Family therapy sessions usually require the involvement of each member of the family. Conflicts may be addressed on an individual basis, as well as with multiple family members present. During counseling, family members learn how their words and actions affect others within the family unit – including those not directly involved in conflict.

Our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners are responsible for assessing the mental health status of patients by studying their relevant medical history, performing comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, and identifying risk factors that might affect a patient’s mental health. They make diagnoses of their patients’ mental illness based on their assessment, and then determine what will be the most effective plan of care. By utilizing their knowledge of psychotherapy modalities and psychopharmacology, and in collaboration with psychotherapists and other professionals, these advanced-practice nurses put their patients on a regimen of therapy and prescription medication to improve their mental health.

We are able to assist patients in crisis situations when their coping mechanisms have become overwhelmed causing that individual to pose an immediate and significant risk to themselves or others.

Our clinicians are available to travel to your location, place of business, school, church, or other organization, to provide debriefing stress management services following a tragedy or other traumatic event

Our clinicians are available to facilitate presentations on a variety of mental health topics to your school, church, or other organization. Wellsource is approved to offer CEUs for LPCs and Social Workers.

In play therapy, children are able to express their feelings and experiences using toys instead of words. The play is a child’s work. As an adult would use counseling, a child uses play therapy.

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