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The human brain develops at a rapid rate – especially in the first several years of life. Children and adolescents are constantly developing and changing, often passing through complex phases in their journey toward adulthood. For parents and caretakers, navigating childhood and adolescence can be a challenging experience.

In some cases, special issues arise among children and teens that parents find overwhelming. Left alone, these issues may worsen, leading to potentially serious consequences. But with child and adolescent therapy, parents and children can communicate their feelings and expectations with one another – facilitating the potential for change, positive growth, and stronger relationships.

Often, parents first notice issues with children and teens when their conduct or attitude becomes negative or falls short of expectations. Children may act out in opposition, refuse to eat, fall behind at school, stop communicating, self-injure or physically harm others, isolate themselves, or even run away from home. These problems – though serious – are often merely surface responses to underlying emotional or mental health issues.

The child and adolescent therapists at Wellsource Group can help. We are well-versed in the issues that children face and have many tools at our disposal to help. As parents, you just want the best for your children. Let our therapists offer professional guidance. If you are in the Cypress or Kingwood area, schedule for an in-person counseling session, or take advantage of our telehealth therapy sessions today!

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Counseling helps get to the bottom of child and adolescent issues- to pinpoint thoughts, experiences, or disorders that create negative behaviors. Examples include:

  • Depression

  • Low self-esteem

  • Phobias

  • Anxiety disorders

  • A history of abuse

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Parental divorce

  • Feeling unimportant or unattended to

By addressing underlying causes for child and adolescent issues, parents/caregivers and their children can establish a plan of action that can help restore balance to the family in a way that is beneficial to both child and adult. To learn more or get started, contact Wellsource Group today.

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Each child and adolescent has unique, varying needs and expectations. What works for one child may not work for another – even among siblings. Therapy for the child as well as the parent can be invaluable for overcoming serious child and adolescent issues that have gone unresolved and worsened with time. If your child is experiencing any of the difficulties discussed here please contact our office to set an appointment with one of our child/adolescent counselors.

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Let's face it, growing up in today's society can be challenging. There is so much pressure on children and adolescents to be perfect, to succeed in school and sports, and to grow up quickly. It's understandable that issues may develop, which is why our counselors are here for help. We offer many tools that can help your child or adolescent navigate this complex world and help them be prepared for the future. Children are resilient, but it's good to give them support when they need it.

If your child or adolescent is in need of support of just another ear to listen and offer helpful advice, get in touch with our therapists at our Kingwood or Cypress office, or schedule a telehealth session today!

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