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How to Know if Medication is the Best Option for Your Anxiety

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Anxiety can be defined as the body's automatic response to stress. It's the feeling you get when you're nervous or scared of what's to come. Many people experience anxiety at one point or the other in their lifetime. Most times, the feeling of being anxious goes away on its own.

An anxiety disorder doesn't work that way. You remain fearful for a long time -usually over six months- and it interferes with your normal lifestyle.

If you've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you may need to seek help to properly manage the symptoms and improve your lifestyle. The treatment for managing anxiety consists of two different methods, psychotherapy and medication.

While anxiety medication doesn’t have the capability to cure your anxiety, it is often good enough to help you manage the symptoms so you can feel better and function well in your daily life.

There are many different medications for anxiety including antidepressants and traditional anti-anxiety medications like benzodiazepines. You may need to work with your psychiatric provider to find the ideal one for you. So, how do you know if medication is the best option for your anxiety?



Start With Diagnosis

The first step to using any anxiety medication is to get evaluated by a mental health professional. This will help determine if you have anxiety or some other mental illness such as depression, PTSD, or being bipolar. You'll need a professional to evaluate you.

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Signs to Look Out For

If You're Always Edgy and Nervous

If you feel nervous all the time or you're always on edge, then it's probably time you seek help. You can try talk therapy before deciding to go with an anxiety medication. However, if after you've had talk therapy sessions and you still have the feeling of being on the edge of a cliff, your palms are always sweaty, your heart racing, and you feel faint, you could be experiencing panic attacks.

In cases like this, you'll need to talk to your psychiatric provider to help you find the right anxiety medication for you. Anxiety medications are often used in conjunction with other treatment methods. They are short-term treatment options and shouldn't be taken for a long time. Schedule an appointment with the Wellsource Group in Cypress, or Kingwood, and we'll help you determine the right anxiety medication for you.

Your Sleep Cycle is Being Affected

Another symptom that may signal when it's right to get an anxiety medication is lack of sleep. Anxiety makes some people lose sleep. They can't sleep during the night, and when it's daytime, they are exhausted, which makes them even more anxious than before.

Using an anxiety medication can help reduce the feeling of being anxious. You'll be able to face the dark again instead of feeling dread every night. Other solutions that work hand-in-hand with anxiety medications are exercises and deep breathing techniques. You are bound to experience more calmness if you combine these treatment options together.

You Try to Do Stuff But Get Nothing Done in the End

Anxiety can be a contributing factor to why you have scattered feelings. You know you have to get things done, you've planned to get them done, but you just can't concentrate. Your thoughts are all over the place and settling down to get your tasks done requires the biggest efforts you can muster.

All of these can be a result of stress and anxiety. Your body may be naturally responding to the stress you're passing through, thereby affecting the area of your brain that deals with concentration. If you're experiencing symptoms like this, talk to your clinician. A proper diagnosis will help them understand the kind of anxiety medication and treatment strategies to prescribe.

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