Medication Management & Depression: Why is it Vital?

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What is Medication Management?

Medicine is a field of health and healing that is concerned with the total wellness of individuals. It aims

to promote and maintain health and well-being through diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and research, among other aspects.

Medication management is concerned with the processes and behaviors that determine the way patients take medication. The right dosage of medicine has the potential to positively contribute to a patient’s general health while improving their medical conditions.

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Depression and Medication

Depression is almost reoccurring in everyday conversation. News of depression-influenced suicide is now very rampant. This illness is a serious medical condition that has a negative impact on your actions, feelings, and thoughts. According to, one in six people have experienced depression at some point in their life.

A sudden decline in your mood could be a result of depression which is characterized by a sad feeling, loss of interest, change in appetite, feeling of worthlessness, guilt, difficulty in concentration, and a feeling to end your own life.

Medicine has provided many effective solutions and treatment plans to help in combating and managing depression, including psychotherapy and depression medication. Combining two or more treatment solutions has proven to be effective in the fight against depression.

Contact our medical experts today if you have been diagnosed with depression or you feel depressed and dispirited. The Wellsource Group serves Cypress, Kingwood, and their surrounding communities in Texas. We are here to help you get better and feel alive.

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So why is medication management vital to depression?

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Helps to Manage Risk

Depression medication has proven to be effective in curtailing the symptoms of depression. However, medicine management is still needed to ensure that patients take their medications according to how they’ve been prescribed.

Medicine management helps patients weigh the risks and benefits of treatment, allowing them to optimize the use of depression medication for the best relief. When a psychiatric provider prescribes a particular medication, both the psychiatric provider and patient can monitor the efficiency of the medication to determine whether to continue the dosage or ask for a change in prescription.

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To Improve Health the Right Way

Depression medication helps in improving health as it may help to prevent other medical conditions, such as mood swings and insomnia. Antidepressants balance the chemicals in your brain, known as neurotransmitters. These chemicals affect your mood and emotions.

The goal is to completely remove the feeling of depression or reduce its symptom significantly. Therefore, your psychiatric provider may ask you to stop using your depression medication when he or she feels you’ve made significant progress.

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Structured Thinking and Memory Improvement

Proper medicine management in conjunction with quality depression medication helps patients get better coordination of their thought processes while improving their memory. Forgetfulness is one of the symptoms of depression which makes thinking and decision-making really difficult.

Medical treatment will help in restructuring your thinking processes and strengthen your ability to recall. While medicine management will ensure that you take the ideal doses at the right time.

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Pain relief

Depression doesn’t just affect your thoughts and emotions. It can also make you weak and experience a decrease in pain tolerance. Depression medication helps patients to reduce their pain and discomfort. With the right treatment combination, patients will feel better, have higher energy levels, decreased risk of headaches, better eyesight, and enjoy more health benefits that may have been impacted by depression.


Let Our Experts Help You Manage Your Depression

At the Wellsource Group, we take your mental health and medication management seriously. We take our time to listen to our patients, take note of past and current medications, and keep track of your progress to help you determine whether or not your medical condition is improving.

Our goal is to help you get better as fast as possible. We’ll work with you to find the right treatment plans and medication for your well-being. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or any other psychiatric condition, our licensed professionals in Cypress and Kingwood, Texas are here to help.

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